Frequently Asked Questions

Here at JTE, we are committed to customers having a full understanding of the services that we deliver and the electrical workings of their home or office. Browse through our compiled list of FAQs. 

If your question remains unanswered, get in touch with our team and we will happily answer it for you. 

We never recommend that you undertake electrical repairs to your home or office yourself. It is very dangerous and in fact, illegal to do so in NSW. By completing electrical repairs yourself, you put yourself, tenants, and your household members at risk of serious injury and death.

Always have electrical repairs and maintenance completed by a licenced electrician such as JTE. 

Home automation is the process of integrating your home with technology to allow you to automate certain aspects or tasks. This could include the installation of smart lights, switches, cameras or doorbells. 

As technology changes and becomes more advanced, the possibilities for home automation become endless. 

Talk to the team at JTE about how we can help install automation within your home. 

Test and tag is a process within a workplace where licenced electricians test electrical equipment to ensure that they are fault free and safe for employees to use. Here at JTE, we can undertake routine test and tag in your workplace. Get in touch with our team today. 

When your circuit breaker trips, its usually caused by overload on earth leakage. This could be due to a faulty appliance or a fault within the wiring. If you can’t find the source of the tripping, get in touch with the team at JTE and we can check your electrical circuit and determine the cause of the fault.

You should always call a licenced electrician when you need any sort of wiring or electrical work completed. Licenced electricals are qualified to complete electrical installations, repairs and maintenance safely and in line with Australian standards. Call the team at JTE if you need assistance with your next electrical project.